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Our location in the heart of the Basque Country enables guests to take advantage of some of the region’s most attractive sights, from rolling inland valleys, and stunning beaches, to the Rioja Alavesa vineyards and the Basque capitals, which are all just a stone’s throw away and easily accessible from the hotel.

6 different excursions

The Flysch trail in the Geopark

Opt for one of our guided walks around the Costa Vasca Geopark and prepare to be blown away by its towering cliffs – a staggering 60 million years’ old. We’ll head toward Zumaia, stopping at Mutriku, and passing through Deba on our way. Marvel at one of the biggest geological sanctuaries on the planet, as we go back in time through the rock formations to retrace the extinction of the dinausaurs
In the hands of one of our expert local guides, you’ll discover the ways of life and traditions – rooted in both land and sea – which have shaped the region into what it is today, from naval construction in Zumaia, to trade in Deba and whale hunting in Mutriku.

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Eibar, the historic centre of the arms industry

Eibar was at the epicentre of the industrialization of Gipuzkoa province, and for centuries it was the centre of the arms manufacturing trade. Owing to this, the province became a hive of activity for trade and commerce.
Industrial diversification of the region would not have been possible were it not for the knowledge and know-how acquired from the arms industry.
Discover the hidden secrets behind one of Spain’s foremost cities and venture back in time to gain an inside view of the industry that cemented the city’s place in history, putting Eibar on the map for centuries to come.

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The 100% Basque tour

With its formidable cultural, historical, architectural and ethnic heritage, it’s no surprise that when it comes to discovering unique regional customs and pastimes, the Basque Country has a wealth of activities on offer. Those looking to do something a bit different certainly won’t be disappointed!

Be it visiting a traditional frontón to try your hand at the ancient Basque sport of pelota, making cheese with local shepherds, having a chat with fishermen from the region, or perhaps learning how to make pintxos(the Basque equivalent of ‘tapas’) from some of the world’s best chefs, those looking to immerse themselves in real Basque culture need look no further. Why not opt to do a mixture of activities to discover the full extent of what this region has to offer.


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Excursions with little ones, family tourism

Exploring a new place with your little ones involves a slightly more animated type of excursion – one that’s filled with adventure (and perhaps an animal here and there). If you’re not quite sold on the idea of bringing children to the Basque Country, rest assured: Euskadi has something for everyone – no matter how young or how old! Discover dazzling marine life at the Donostia Aquarium, go on a walk through the Bosque de Oma forest or explore the Añana salt valley, the site of a former salt mine.
Are you sold yet? We think it’s high time to ditch the excuses and bring the family on down! 

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Mountains and Valleys

The Basque Region’s mountains and valleys are a true nature’s paradise, with the region boasting national parks which stretch across its entire territory. Those visiting the area can discover the area’s spectacular landscapes, through guided walks and excursions in a place where nature truly is right on your doorstep.
Be it a cycling route or a child-friendly excursion: the possibilities are endless! Connect with nature and explore our local villages and customs, along with the area’s myriad caves, sanctuaries and legends!

The Basque Coast

The sea is at the heart of our landscape and history. Lose yourself amidst the spectacular scenery of the islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, marvel at the otherworldly flora and fauna at the Urdaibai Biosphere reserve, take a trip back in time to uncover the fossilized treasures of the region’s Geopark, or dive headfirst into the region’s fishing history with a visit to one of its quaint fishing towns.
Sit back and watch the crashing waves rolling in from the Cantabrian sea, weathering the island’s rocks and crags as they have done for centuries.

Soak up the area’s outstanding natural beauty and sample some of the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted. Oh, and why not complement it with a glass of txakoli, our region’s signature white wine?

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